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Labour LawThe Five Things All Employees Should Know About Severance2021-11-27 20:05:47
General ResearchHow to find the best Criminal Attorney?2021-11-27 19:55:09
General ResearchEight Things About Canadian Employment Law That You May Not Know2021-09-24 15:27:18
General ResearchWhat You Need To Know About Family Law2021-09-24 15:20:52
General ResearchWhat You Need To Know About Disability Law Services2021-09-24 15:10:44
Family LawEverything You Need to Know About Filing for Divorce2021-06-14 17:34:52
Land LawsBasic Keys to Successful Estate Planning2021-05-22 17:18:29
Family LawWhat to consider when signing a separation agreement?2021-05-21 18:04:03
Human RightsHuman Rights Violations By Police In India: A Comparative Case Study2020-09-18 18:44:43
International Arbitration LawInternational Arbitration In The Times Of Covid-19 And The Way Forward2020-09-18 18:40:26
Intellectual Property LawsWhy Surname Trademarks Are Considered To Be Weak?2020-09-18 18:36:04
Child LawsChild Marriages In India: Reasons, Consequences And Its Legality2020-09-18 18:33:00
Company LawRole Of Judiciary In Monitoring Reduction In Share Capital2020-09-17 23:07:47
General ResearchFollowing The Black Lives Matter Movement: Does Racial Inequality Exist In The Legal Profession?2020-09-17 22:49:48
Constitutional LawCreamy Layer In Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes: Reservation Needs To Be Analyzed2020-09-17 22:41:31
Constitutional Law, Human RightsCivil And Political Rights Of LGBT: The Perspective Of Indian Constitution2020-09-17 22:38:29
International Humanitarian Law, International LawIn The State Of Being Stateless2020-09-17 22:23:45
Company LawReverse Corporate Veil In Marital Disputes2020-09-17 22:18:52
General Research, Law Relating to Terrorism, Laws of NigeriaMoney Laundering, Terrorism Financing In Nigeria2020-09-16 14:11:22
Criminal LawA Review Of Section 41A Of The Code Of Criminal Procedure, 19732020-09-16 14:04:41
Laws of BangladeshInterpretation Of Constitutional Rights In Light Of International Law In India And Bangladesh2020-09-16 13:58:46
General ResearchAre There Any Safe Space For Women During Covid-19 Pandemic – A Short Analytical Study2020-09-16 13:53:13
Health LawIndia Fighting A Pandemic With Outdated Laws: A Need For An Inclusive Health Law2020-09-16 13:45:06
Constitutional LawValues, Rights, Duties And Responsibilities Of Indian Citizens2020-09-16 13:37:52
Criminal LawLegislation Related To Women Empowerment And Gender Equity2020-09-16 13:33:22
Cameroon Laws, International LawCameroon-Fund Arab Cooperation: The Impact Of The Economic Exchanges And The Foreign Affair Between Sub-Saharan Africa And The Arab States (1973-2019)2020-09-16 13:24:01
Criminal LawAssault Against Women Is An Assault Against Society2020-09-15 12:41:13
Child Laws, Criminal LawCrime Against Children In India: Preventive And Protective Laws2020-09-15 12:34:04
Criminal LawDetailed Analysis of Section 84 of Indian Penal Code, 18602020-09-15 12:22:56
Child Laws, Criminal Law, Human Rights, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Laws of BangladeshProtection Of Basic Human Rights Of Street Children: Bangladesh Perspective2020-09-15 12:13:34
Constitutional Law, Human Rights, International LawValidity Of CAA And NRC In Human Rights Regime- A Case Study On Assam Crisis2020-09-15 11:58:35
Cyber LawA Study Of Bullying And Cyberbullying And The Legal Angle2020-09-02 15:11:27
General ResearchOur Country – Our Laws: India Badly Needs Its Own Modern Laws2020-09-02 15:03:40
General ResearchImpact Of Covid-19 On Law Practice2020-09-02 14:46:18
Adoption Law, Family LawA Critical Analysis Of Adoption Law In Cameroon2020-09-02 14:33:59
Cyber Law, General ResearchBreach Of Personal Data Held By The State: Critical Considerations In The Breach Notification Process Under India’s Upcoming Data Protection Law2020-07-22 22:05:31
Cameroon LawsThe Persistence Of Sexual Harassment In Cameroonian Universities: Contribution To An Anthropology Of School Violence2020-07-22 22:00:35
Human RightsAn Analysis Of The Nexus Between Human Trafficking And Migration2020-07-22 21:50:53
Contract LawContractual Labour And Covid-192020-07-22 21:14:01
Family Law, General Research, Muslim LawProlonged Fight For Muslim Women: Triple Talaq2020-07-22 21:03:56
Cyber Law, General ResearchCybersecurity And Cyber Laws Around The World And India: Major Thrust Highlighting Jharkhand For Concerns2020-07-22 20:54:12
International LawGrowing Irrelevance Of Multi-Lateral Organisations2020-07-22 20:36:08
Cyber Law, Privacy LawDriving Data: A Study On Data Protection & Privacy Laws2020-07-22 20:22:40
Constitutional LawThe Abrogation Of Article 3702020-07-05 22:52:28
General ResearchHow Much Compensation Can You Claim In a Birth Injury Lawsuit?2020-06-04 11:15:30
Criminal LawTest Identification Parade: A Critical Analysis In India Practice2020-02-21 22:53:19
International Criminal LawJoint Criminal Enterprise in ECCC2019-09-27 17:30:44
Human RightsIntersectional Discrimination: An Adequate Human Rights Regime?2019-09-27 17:17:46
Company LawCommercial Courts Act, 2015: An Appraisal2019-09-27 16:28:33
Competition LawAmbush Marketing in Major Sporting Events and the Legal Framework Surrounding it2019-09-27 15:52:06
Property LawAmbiguity and Misunderstanding of the Law in Relation to Agreement to Sell and Sale Deed2019-09-27 15:35:36
Constitutional Law, Cyber LawSexual Privacy and its Violation: A Desperate Need for Legislation2019-09-27 15:16:49
Intellectual Property LawsTrips and its Impact on the Indian IP Regime2019-09-26 18:02:31
Company LawPrinciples of Corporate Governance: The Indian Perspective2019-09-26 17:21:13
Constitutional Law, Criminal LawCulmination of Jury Trials: A Closer Look2019-09-26 17:07:21
Criminal Law, Labour LawPlight of Contract Labour in Post-Independence Era: An Analysis2019-09-26 16:22:07
Constitutional LawAsserting the Legitimacy of Judicial Power in the Constitution of Kenya: Can Judicial Review of National Security be Justified?2019-09-26 16:01:27
Banking Law, Company LawBrightline Test for Control: Exploring its Efficiency2019-09-26 15:40:40
Public International LawCyber Warfare: A Discernable Battlefield2019-09-26 15:25:44
Criminal Law, Cyber LawCyber Crime: A Critical Study2019-09-26 15:10:26
Criminal Law, Cyber LawElectronic Voyeurism in Global Perspective2019-09-26 14:51:34
Constitutional LawAccesses to House of Federation and its Procedural Requirements in Seeking for Constitutional Remedies in Ethiopia2019-09-25 18:11:06
Competition LawProtection against Anti-Competitive Agreements under Competition Law in India2019-09-25 17:17:35
Constitutional LawThe Basic Structure Doctrine and the Power to Amend the Constitution in India: A Comparative Analysis2019-09-25 16:50:59
General ResearchThird-Party Litigation Funding: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Third-Party Litigation Funding and its Potential in India2019-09-25 16:22:07
Adoption LawChild Adoption in India: A Comprehensive Study2019-09-25 16:03:09
Sports LawTreatment and Regulation of eSports in India2019-03-26 17:10:28
Criminal LawRestorative Justice under Juvenile Justice System2019-03-26 16:56:50
Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Human RightsProtection of Women’s Rights and Dignity: A Social Responsibility2019-03-26 15:38:48
Land LawsAgriculture Land and Ceiling Laws in India: An Overview2019-03-26 15:11:22
Constitutional LawThe Draconian Legislation of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 19892019-03-25 12:18:51
Environmental Law, Forest LawForest Laws in India – Policy and Assessment2019-03-16 18:16:33
Property LawTata Teleservice Limited V. Union of India: A Case Commentary2019-03-16 17:29:54
Criminal LawJuvenile Justice in India2019-03-16 16:20:58
Professional EthicsClient Communication and Professional Ethics: Role of Legal Clinic to Strike Balance2019-03-16 15:13:36
Competition LawDumping and Anti-Dumping Issues: An Indian Perspective2019-03-16 13:12:12
Cyber Law, Public Interest LitigationImpact Of Online Games On Young Indians, Leaving Victims2017-07-17 11:42:09
Company LawRole Of National Company Law Tribunal & Its Formation2017-07-17 11:38:29
Criminal LawAnalysis Of Various Aspect Of Law Relating To Confessions2017-07-17 11:34:47
Company LawCorporate social responsibility.  An Overview2017-06-16 20:55:52
Criminal LawAdmissibility of DNA in Indian legal system2017-06-16 20:52:37
Intellectual Property LawsCase Analysis: F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. & Anr. v Cipla Ltd.2017-06-16 20:31:00
Tax LawsIs It Legal To Levy Tax On The Proceeds Of Illegal Activities In Kenya?2017-05-24 13:06:52
Criminal LawProcedural Aspects Of Child Abuse: Comparative Study Of India And United Kingdom2017-05-24 07:33:40
Human RightsCritical Analysis Of The African Human Rights System2017-05-24 07:31:12
Criminal LawTrafficking of Women2017-05-24 07:26:32
Human Rights, Refugee LawConceptualising Refugee Rights Through Human Right Perspective2017-05-24 07:14:05
Cyber Law, Human RightsThe Flip Side Of Curbing Cyber Crimes- Violation Of Human Rights2017-05-24 07:07:53
Public International LawA Panegyric On Ali Muzrui- Revisiting General History Of Africa Since 19352017-05-24 07:03:48
Armed Forces Law, Human RightsArmed Forces Special Powers Act- A Need And Not A Weed2017-05-24 07:02:26
Criminal LawChild Sexual Abuse Laws In India2017-05-24 07:00:54
Constitutional Law, Media LawMedia As A Boon To The Democratic Spirit2017-05-24 06:58:35
Human Rights, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian LawDerogations Undertaken By Syria During Its State Of Emergency2017-05-24 06:56:28
General ResearchRight To Religion In France2017-05-24 06:54:02
Human Rights, Jurisprudence, Public International LawPrisoner’s Right: Evolving Jurisprudence2017-05-24 06:52:03
Armed Forces Law, Constitutional Law, Human RightsArmed Forces Special Powers Act-Violation Of Human Rights Under The Indian Constitution2017-05-24 06:50:20
Law Relating to Terrorism, Public International LawFair Trial And Terrorism Under The Realm Of International And Indian Milieu2017-05-24 06:48:23
Criminal Law, Human RightsComparative Study Of Human Right Under Trail2017-05-24 06:46:45
Human RightsRole Of National Human Rights Commission In Protection Of Human Rights In India2017-05-24 06:44:59
Refugee LawAsylum2017-05-24 06:43:28
Constitutional Law, Family LawSurrogacy Act: The Need Of The Hour2017-05-24 06:40:49
Constitutional Law, Human RightsRight To Health: A Basic Human Right2017-05-24 06:37:37
Constitutional LawPolitics in India2017-04-22 16:41:18
Tax LawsEconomic Justice2017-04-21 22:59:33
Constitutional LawInterpretation Of The Constitution And The Constitutional Bench: Issues And Challenges2017-04-21 22:57:06
Constitutional LawCase Comment on ADM Jabalpur v. Shivkant Shukla2017-04-21 22:42:14
Constitutional LawThe Controversy Of The National Language In India2017-04-21 22:40:46
Constitutional LawArticle 356: Emergency Or Tyranny?2017-04-21 22:31:39
Constitutional LawThe Debate Between Judicial Independence And Judicial Accountability2017-04-21 22:29:03
Company LawRole Of Independent Directors2017-04-21 22:27:41
Company LawAnticipative And Statistical Analysis Of Insider Trading2017-04-21 22:25:43
Constitutional LawCase Comment: M. Karunanidhi v. Union Of India, 19792017-04-21 22:23:16
Constitutional Law, Environmental LawEnvironmental Disputes Settlement And Article 21 Of Indian Constitution2017-04-21 22:18:46
Constitutional LawCase Comment On S.P. Mittal v. Union Of India2017-04-21 22:16:25
Constitutional Law, Family Law, Jurisprudence, Uniform Civil CodeJurisprudence Of Uniform Civil Code Threat To Multiculturalism And Secularism2017-04-21 22:14:11

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