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Publication in Academic Journals & Repository

Operational since 2015, we publish multiple Journals of Law, Science & Multidisciplinary Research Studies in various frequency. All Journals are indexed in Google Scholar and has very impressive citation index. 

Academic Book Publishing & Distribution

The Law Brigade (Books) Division manages the publication and distribution of Academic Law Books. We leverage our existing Institutional Network to distribute books effortlessly. 

Conference Proceedings & Abstract Book Publication

Are you an organization looking to organize a Conference/ Seminar? We provide end-to-end publication support for your Conference Proceedings requirement as well as Abstract Book requirements. 

Monograph (Thesis to Book) Publishing

Looking for publication of your PhD thesis in a Monograph Book Format with ISBN Number? We got you covered. Explore our Monograph Publishing Service and get your Book published within a month. 

Repository of Research Papers, Blogs etc

We are building a Research Repository consisting of research papers from all our publications, blogs from Libertatem Magazine and other publication. This will be India’s 1st Multidisciplinary Research Repository.

IT & Admin Services to 3rd Party Journals

Looking for launching your New Journal? We have a lot to offer. Be it Servers, Domains, WordPress/OJS Platform, Journal Backend Support, Maintenance, DOI. We provide end-to-end tech solutions. 

Latest Addition to our Repository

Personal Injury Law: Everything You Need To Know In 2023

Personal injury law plays a vital role in protecting individuals who have suffered harm or injury due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. In 2023, understanding the key aspects of personal injury law is essential for anyone who may find themselves involved in an accident or injury-related situation. Whether

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4 Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring Court Interpreters

A court interpreter plays a crucial role in managing the concerns of a legal system. Language is the factual barrier between people from various places. However, considering an interpreter may help you to deal with the instances of law. Law-abiding processes are the most difficult and also deal with the toughest

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5 Remarkable Benefits of Hiring On-Demand Legal Services

Traditional in-house legal departments are quickly becoming obsolete due to the high cost of running them. The arrangement also has geographical limitations, is inefficient, and is time-consuming. In addition, contemporary legal issues require specialized knowledge, which in-house legal teams may lack. These issues have led to the rise of on-demand

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Lawyers for Excise Stamps in Canada

If you manufacture or import vaping, tobacco or cannabis products, be sure to hire a lawyer who is familiar with Canadian excise tax regulations. Canada’s excise and stamp duty systems are evolving as the government continues to monitor the impact of these taxes on public health and the broader economy.

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A Basic Guide To Creating Wills For Blended Families

Creating a will is essential to estate planning, but it can be particularly challenging for blended families. With multiple spouses, children, stepchildren, and other relatives to consider, ensuring that everyone is provided for in the event of your passing can be challenging. However, with careful planning and consideration, it is

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6 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Is it worthwhile to hire a personal injury lawyer? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. If you’ve been injured due to another person or entity’s negligence, you deserve justice. A personal injury attorney can help you obtain the damages that you deserve. Still don’t believe us? Keep

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Tips For Choosing the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

The weight and size of a truck could make anyone wonder what if someone meets an accident with them.Truck accidents can be horrible, and if you have been in one or had a loved one in one, you know how life-changing it could be. Hiring the right attorney can help

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4 Tips to Claim Your Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is the earned right of any employee to receive financial support for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and income replacement. This benefit acts as a safety net relieves the impacted employees of an unfortunate work-related injury or illness. However, claiming workers’ compensation can be a complicated and intimidating process for

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Reliable Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Springfield

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury, you deserve fair workers’ comp benefits. These benefits will help pay for medical care, disability payments, and wage replacement. If you’re in the process of filing your claim or have been denied, contact an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Springfield today. We’ll fight to

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Dr Purabi Goswami

It is a nice experience. The group is very proactive. Their immediate response in WhatsApp and email were very encouraging

Manidip Chakraborty

This has been my introduction to this publishing house, and my experience has been more than satisfactory. I hope to contribute to the future publishing ventures as well.

Taniya Dey

Within time publication, very promising and communication level is very strong and high, this journal give priority to the Authors query very professionally which I like the most.

Chirag Yadav

The process was very swift and smooth. Everything was so professional. I feel proud that my paper is published in this esteemed journal.

Fariel Shafee

This has been an amazing experience. The journal is of high quality, is efficient and very professional. I have sent links to many colleagues and hope they will choose to publish with the Law Brigade Group in the future as well.

Ayodhya Prabhashini Rathnayake

It's a great experience to work with Law Brigade Publishers and their co-operation in academic publications is appreciated.

Nwandum Buma Gabriel

Really satisfy with all from the due process of call for submission of articles to publication. The publishing and editorial board respect the time framework. Excellent customer support team. Highly pro-active.

Lara Joanna Macedo Borges

The entire process of publication was very smooth, efficient and prompt. The timelines given to me for publication were adhered to. The constant follow ups on e-mail and WhatsApp were truly appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity. It was seamlessly done!

Dr. Jharasri Paikaray

The publishing group of the journals are really hard working and punctual in every angle. I would like to give my sincere thanks to each and everyone. The Law Brigade Journals are excellent.

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