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Publication in Academic Journals & Repository

Operational since 2015, we publish multiple Journals of Law, Science & Multidisciplinary Research Studies in various frequency. All Journals are indexed in Google Scholar and has very impressive citation index. 

Academic Book Publishing & Distribution

The Law Brigade (Books) Division manages the publication and distribution of Academic Law Books. We leverage our existing Institutional Network to distribute books effortlessly. 

Conference Proceedings & Abstract Book Publication

Are you an organization looking to organize a Conference/ Seminar? We provide end-to-end publication support for your Conference Proceedings requirement as well as Abstract Book requirements. 

Monograph (Thesis to Book) Publishing

Looking for publication of your PhD thesis in a Monograph Book Format with ISBN Number? We got you covered. Explore our Monograph Publishing Service and get your Book published within a month. 

Repository of Research Papers, Blogs etc

We are building a Research Repository consisting of research papers from all our publications, blogs from Libertatem Magazine and other publication. This will be India’s 1st Multidisciplinary Research Repository.

IT & Admin Services to 3rd Party Journals

Looking for launching your New Journal? We have a lot to offer. Be it Servers, Domains, WordPress/OJS Platform, Journal Backend Support, Maintenance, DOI. We provide end-to-end tech solutions. 

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Comparative vs. Contributory Negligence: What’s The Difference?

In personal injury law, negligence plays a central role in determining liability and the extent to which a plaintiff may receive compensation. Two primary theories govern how negligence is assessed in the United States: comparative negligence and contributory negligence. These legal concepts may appear similar at first glance. Still, they

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How to Download Free Legal Documents, Contracts, and Forms

In today’s digital era, the accessibility of free legal documents, forms, and contracts has empowered entrepreneurs and individuals to control their legal affairs more efficiently. Whether looking for a primary contract, comprehensive template, or legal papers, the internet provides many resources to obtain these documents without needing pricey legal consultations.

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5 Things to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your reputation, freedom, and future are on the line whenever a criminal charge is against you. In such challenging times, avoiding walking through the legal path alone is only prudent. Hire a professional criminal defense lawyer to help improve the outcomes of the case. With a vast knowledge of the

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The Long-Term Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

It might have been a split-second reaction, yet the marks it leaves can last a lifetime. The fallout that follows a domestic violence conviction can impact your friendships, job opportunities, places to live, and much more. This article shares more about the long-lasting effects of being found guilty in a

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What is the Employment law in Australia?

Exploring the intricate realm of Australian labor legislation unveils a fundamental query, What is the employment law in Australia? It unveils this legal landscape as a multifaceted tapestry interwoven with an array of federal, state, and territorial statutes. Employers are depicted as embarking on a meticulous journey through a rigorous

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What is the personal injury law in Australia?

Embarking on an exploration of the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of personal injury law within the Australian jurisdiction, we encounter the multifaceted facets of this legal domain. At its fundamental core, this legal realm is expressly designed to furnish restitution to individuals who have sustained injuries as a direct consequence

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What Is Family Law In Australia?

The intricacies of Australian family law, an intricate tapestry encompassing divorce, child custody, separation, spousal support, family courts, and more, present a profound realm of legal intricacy. In this exposition, we shall embark on a profound exploration of family law articles, delving into their essence, import, and their profound significance

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How Intellectual Property Law Firms Work In Australia?

Intellectual Property (IP) represents the ethereal realm of the human intellect, where ideas morph into legally recognized entities. IP law meticulously manages the ownership, transfer, and utilization of these abstract treasures. Delving into the complexities of intellectual property within the Australian legal sphere initiates a voyage of intrigue. How Intellectual

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Poker History and Tips for Beginners

There are many theories about the origin of a game like poker. Numerous studies say that poker came from the amalgamation of other card games. The first mention of poker is found in Chinese chronicles dating back to 969 AD. Originally, dominoes were used to play the game, unlike today’s

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The Popularity of Bitcoin Casinos in the World

The most popular cryptocurrency is, without a doubt, bitcoin. This virtual currency was created in 2009 and has been growing in popularity. Since Bitcoin is actively enjoying its status as the best payment method for online casino gambling, more and more casino sites are making Bitcoin payments available to players.

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History of Black Friday as a Cultural Phenomenon

The grand sale at the end of November is known as Black Friday or “Black Friday”. For American supermarkets, it is familiar – similar campaigns have been held for decades. But in European countries, such a tradition has appeared relatively recently. The Black Friday culture even applies to casino games

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Within time publication, very promising and communication level is very strong and high, this journal give priority to the Authors query very professionally which I like the most.

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The process was very swift and smooth. Everything was so professional. I feel proud that my paper is published in this esteemed journal.

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This has been an amazing experience. The journal is of high quality, is efficient and very professional. I have sent links to many colleagues and hope they will choose to publish with the Law Brigade Group in the future as well.

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It's a great experience to work with Law Brigade Publishers and their co-operation in academic publications is appreciated.

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Really satisfy with all from the due process of call for submission of articles to publication. The publishing and editorial board respect the time framework. Excellent customer support team. Highly pro-active.

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The entire process of publication was very smooth, efficient and prompt. The timelines given to me for publication were adhered to. The constant follow ups on e-mail and WhatsApp were truly appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity. It was seamlessly done!

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