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Joint Criminal Enterprise in ECCC

By Arthya 2nd Year LLM   ABSTRACT From 17th April 1975 to 7th January 1979 Cambodia was under the power of Khmer Rouge, when the war ended in 1998 with

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Prisoner’s Right: Evolving Jurisprudence

Written by Pooja Mishra*, Megha Pradhan** & Shashankshri Tripathi*** * 2nd Year BA LLB Student, Balaji Law College, Pune University ** 3rd Year BA LLB Student, Balaji Law College, Pune

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Cyber Warfare: A Discernable Battlefield

Written by Shashwat Tandon Advocate, Kanpur Nagar District Court, Kanpur ABSTRACT The internet has indubitably become an indispensable part of our lives. It facilitates almost everything from a thing as

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Get Help From a Closing Attorney

If you’re buying a home or refinancing a mortgage, getting help from a Closing Attorney in Atlanta is crucial. These professionals will assist you in every aspect of your real

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