Thank You for your Submission

We thank you for your manuscript submission.

This is what will happen next:

Step 1 – Peer Review

Peer Review will start today and 2 different reviewers will take around 4-5 days to review your submission. They will decide if your submission can be accepted or rejected. Peer Review is conducted only by professors.

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Step 2 – Acceptance/ Rejection

If accepted, we will email you the acceptance notice and then you would need to proceed with the payment of publication fees within the next 4-5 days. Move to Step 4, Skip Step 3. 

If rejected, we will email you the rejection notice along with the reasons for rejection. We will then give you 1-2 days time depending on the level of correction needed for resubmission. Move to Step 3. 

Step 3 – Resubmission

Once you edit the paper as per our recommendations and submit it back, the same peer reviewer will take another 1-2 days to review the same. Depends on the nature of changes suggested. Move to Step 2 

Step 4 – Editing & Payment

Once approved by Reviewers, the editing starts on the approved paper. In order to publish the paper on time, we do not wait for the payment to be made and start editing. Editing is done only by highly qualified LLM and Phd Candidates. As per our policy, we do not engage LLB Students in major editing. Qualified LLB Students are only involved in formatting or minor editing work. Once you do the payment within the stipulated time, we are notified about the same via our Payment Partners. While editing, if there are certain issues that are out of Editorial Team’s scope, we inform the author and send the paper back to them to make changes within 24 hours. This happens in rarest of rare cases.  Move to Step 5

Step 5 – Production

The paper moves to production stage once you make the payment which means they are finalized for publication on website. At this stage, production is taken care of by our editorial softwares which automatically checks a  lot of things in your paper. Move to Step 6

Step 6 – Publication

The paper is finally published on the website as per the date mentioned in your acceptance email. Sometimes, we delay publication by a few days which is only if some of the papers in your submission timeframe need more attention or are sent to authors to minor change and they delay re-submission. However, we try our level best to publish as per our stated time.