Referral Programme for Authors

Library of The Law Brigade

How Does it work?

Steps to Proceed with Referral

Referral Programme is only for Authors Who have Published their content with us alteast once. After your publication, You will receive a Unique Referral Code via email.

Step 1

Once you have your referral code, share it with your friends via Email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Social Media etc. That's upto you.

Step 2

Once your referral/ friend submits his/her research for publication using the Submission Form, they will be prompted to enter a referral code (if any) at the end of the Submission Form.

Step 3

They need to enter your referral code in the submission form and then click "Submit Article"

Step 4

The Publication will take it's own time and once the referred submission is published on the website, your account will be credit with the referral credits.

Step 5

After publication of 3 successful referrals, you will be notified about the same and you can submit one research work for publication.

Step 6

Your submitted research paper, if accepted, will be published for free and if rejected, you will be informed about the reasons and you can correct the same and submit again.

Need Help?


Referral Code will only be shared once your article has been published in any of our journals. Referral Code will be sent via email. 

You can refer to any number of people. That is completely upto you. You can also choose your own method of referring. You can ask your friends/colleagues personally to use your referral code while submitting his/her article. You can also share the referral code via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. That’s upto you. There is no limit on number of referrals.

That’s completely fine. We do not look into who is being referred. If you refer 1 person and he/she submits 3 papers and all 3 gets published, you will be offered 1 free publication. If the same person submits 6 submissions and all 6 gets published, you will be offered 2 free publication.

Furthermore, In case you refer 2 people and 1st one submits 4 papers and the 2nd one submits 2 papers. However, all 4 submissions of 1st referral are rejected and even after revision his/her submission is not accepted by the editors, in that case, the rejected submissions will not be counted. You will only be credited for the 2 published papers from the 2nd referral.

Hence, final published paper will be counted which was submitted using your referral code and not who submitted the same.

They can submit at any point of time.

If your referral’s submissions are rejected, we do send them a detailed report on why the same was rejected and we provide them time to submit the revised version back for review. However, if the revised submission is also rejected, then it won’t be counted.

No, You cannot use your own referral code. However, you can use someone else’s referral code.