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Campus Ambassador [Paid] Programme at The Law Brigade Publishers

About the Campus Ambassador Program

Unlike the conventional role of Campus Ambassadors, The Law Brigade Publishers has something different to offer. Our Campus Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between The Law Brigade Group and their institution. It is a chance to develop professional, marketing, communication and leadership skills, along with a prospect of standing away from the crowd.

This position will be basically to build relationships with students, faculty, and professionals, and communicating our proposal(s) to your institution. The Campus Ambassador program is a paid program where Ambassadors will be allotted several tasks which they would need to complete and submit to the management. The detailed work profile is mentioned below.

Work Profile

  1. Promote Social Media Handle – The Campus Ambassadors are expected to promote our Social Media Handles among their college students.
  2. Publication Partnership – You should be able to get Media or Publication Partnership for Events organized by your College.
  3. Journal Promotion – You would be asked to promote our call for papers among your college students. Payment will be based on a performance basis and will be paid monthly. Details will be disclosed once you are selected.
  4. Notice Board Promotion – You should get our posters affixed on your college’s notice board.
  5. Email Promotion  You will also be required to promote our events/ notifications among the college students.


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Only Law Students can apply for the post of Campus Ambassador. They may be from any stream, any year of study and any law college.


There will be no fixed remuneration for the Campus Ambassador Programme. However, we will pay on a performance basis. Details will be shared once we select you.

Terms of Service

We expect the Campus Ambassadors to


  1. Understand and respect the deadlines given to them.
  2. Be Proactive and have active involvement in college events.
  3. Be willing to work for 4-5 hours a week.
  4. Be Associated with us for at least 12 months.
  5. Be true and honest in all the dealings.

Perks and Benefits

  1. This position is tenured, part-time and paid.
  2. Internship Certificate & Certificate of Appreciation

Selection Process

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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. After a review of applications and CV by us, you will be sent a confirmation email (if selected).

How to Apply?

Fill up the form here. Application open on a Rolling Basis


Journal Selection Committee, [email protected]




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