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What You Need To Know About Disability Law Services

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In the eyes of law, disability is essentially defined as the onset of an individual suffering from a sickness or an accidental injury and hence in some cases not being able to perform their duties or work due to the said injuries. While certain insurance policies only work if you are unable to perform work duties due to suffering from an accidental injury, others work irrespective of your ability to perform your job. 

Individuals who suffer from a disability already go through a lot of stress and struggle on a personal level and shouldn’t experience any discrimination in their workplace at all. however, not everyone is as kind and empathetic, and many disabled individuals report workplace discrimination, healthcare discrimination and failure to access basic services. Such individuals should attain what’s rightfully theirs in the eyes of law and seek help from a disability claim lawyer.

In Canada, the disability law covers all aspects of workplace rights, transportation access and rehabilitation, and listed below are some of the ways how disability law in Canada ensures that disabled individuals are treated with respect:


Disability law covers workplace discrimination

If a disabled person is employed at a specific organization for a specific task, it is the employer’s duty to ensure that the said individual has all things necessary to perform their job comfortably. In addition to that, they should be treated fairly in terms of compensation and promotion on their job. If a disabled individual feels that they may have not been promoted in their job role solely on the basis of their disability, they can claim compensation in the court accordingly. additionally, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom states that all residents should be treated equally regardless of their sex, age, race, religion, ethnicity and disability, and this Charter can be used as a guiding statement for both the employee, employer and the law.

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Disability law covers freedom of expression


Disabled individuals should be allowed to use any assistive devices that allow them to express themselves, their opinion or simply get a word out when need be. Every Canadian citizen has the right to read, write and speak in a way that is the most comfortable for them, and for disabled individuals, this right may be in user bigger signage text or using an assistive device to speak or hear.

Disability law covers

Individuals who are disabled should have the right to access healthcare and medical treatments at all times and should be catered to accordingly. The Canadian healthcare system covers all aspects of primary, secondary and tertiary care, and disabled individuals should have access to all those treatments in addition to any ongoing treatment. Individuals should have access to any treatment that helps them with their disability in addition to other regular treatments that are not linked to their disability, and such individuals shall be treated equally by medical professionals. 

Disability law covers the individual’s access to services 

According to Canadian law, disabled individuals should have access to basic services which includes access to post offices, religious suites, courts, hospitals, medical care, hotels, banks, theatres, restaurants, etc. Just about any and every place should be accessible by a disabled individual in a reasonable manner. One should keep in mind that access is not simply limited to installing a ramp to make a site accessible by a wheelchair, rather, service providers should consider all types of disabilities and cater to each one of them. For instance, service providers such as cinemas should allow disabled individuals to book tickets or make reservations over email or phone, banks should cater to visual disabilities by installing Braille signboards, etc.

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