How To Make Sure Plagiarism Is Below The Allowed Percentage?

Whether you are writing an academic essay for your school or a marketing blog for your business, you have to make sure you write according to the defined guidelines. One common guideline to be followed in almost every type of writing is staying below the allowed percentage of plagiarism.

How To Make Sure Plagiarism Is Below The Allowed Percentage?

Keeping plagiarism below the defined limit is simple. A few things to keep in consideration your writing will stay below the allowed percentage of plagiarism. In this blog, we are going to demonstrate these simple things in a very simple way.

Let’s start.

Get to Know the Defined Plagiarism Percentage:

The first and foremost thing you have to do in the process of making sure your written work stays below the allowed percentage of plagiarism is to know the defined percentage. The thing about the plagiarism limit is that it is not the same for each and every scenario.

Each institution and online platform has different percentages of allowed plagiarism. Knowing the percentage will help you stay within that limit more efficiently.

Although your main goal should keep your writing as original as possible, knowing the defined percentage can help you tolerate accidental plagiarism. After you have known the defined percentage of plagiarism, move on to the next point.

Rewrite the Borrowed Ideas from the Internet:

Reading and taking data from already published content on the Internet is a common step writers take in the writing process. It helps increase the quality and authority of the writing. Things go bad when writers do not properly rewrite the read ideas while using them in their own content.

This thing can make plagiarism go above the defined limit in your writing.

That’s the reason why you should properly rewrite the borrowed ideas before using them. Doing it even easier. All you have to do is get the idea from the Internet and write them originally in your own wording. If you find it difficult to rewrite some of these ideas, there is no harm in seeking help from an online tool.

There are many online tools available on the Internet that are specifically designed to help you rewrite article or any other type of text into various unique versions. This uniqueness ultimately helps in getting rid of plagiarism.

Add Citations Wherever Required:

Adding citations in your writing is a good way to prevent and keep plagiarism below the defined limit. Citations are actually source links to the original information. These sources are provided to demonstrate that the given information is not originally yours and you took it from such and such sources. The method of providing these citations, however, can vary according to your writing style.

Therefore, knowing your writing style can help you provide the citations the right way. Some of the most widely used writing styles are:

  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Chicago

These writing styles have different methods of providing citations.

Providing citations the right way will help you ensure that the plagiarism in your writing stays below the allowed limit.

Use a Plagiarism Checker Tool:

Rewriting the borrowed ideas from the Internet and providing relevant citations the right way are two of the fundamental procedures writers take to get rid of plagiarism. Now that you have performed these steps, it is time to know whether your plagiarism is actually within the allowed limit or not.

Unfortunately, you cannot check if your content is plagiarized manually. You have to take the help of technology here.

To check if your content has less or more plagiarism in it than the allowed limit, you have to check it through a plagiarism detecting/checking tool. These tools compare your writing with published data online and highlight the matching parts. Most of these tools show these parts in percentage.

This is helpful to know what percentage of your writing is plagiarized. To demonstrate it to you in a better way, we checked this blog with a plagiarism checker tool. Here are the given results:

How To Make Sure Plagiarism Is Below The Allowed Percentage - Image

However, our blog is original, and no plagiarism was detected in it, but you can see how the tool presents the results in percentage. Use an authentic tool to get promising results. These tools will help you ensure that the plagiarism is within the defined limits.


Whether you write for academic or marketing purposes, you have to make sure that the plagiarism in your writing stays below the allowed limit. The limit of the percentage of allowed plagiarism is defined by the authorities you are writing for.

To make sure the plagiarism is less than the defined limit, you have to follow a procedure. This procedure includes factors like knowing the defined limit, effectively paraphrasing the content, and adding proper citations to your writing. In the information given above, we have provided a comprehensive detail of these factors.