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Vol. 7 Issue 1 [January 2021]

Journal of Legal Studies & Research

ISSN: 2455-2437

Published Articles:

Seema Goyal, Conflict between Privacy Rights and Human Rights – A Major Problem

Yuda John Kwaslema, Challenges Facing Creation Of Mortgage Financing Over Unregistered Land In Tanzania

Gaspardus Rwebangira, Helmet Wearing As A Safety Tool: An Analysis Of The Law And Practice In Tanzania

Neha Karnik, Inter-Country Adoption a secured process with many flaws

Muskan Shukla & Nitu Meena, The Study On Vulnerable Segment Of Society “Child”- Magnitude And Challenges

Shourya Batta & Priya Sharma, Comparative Analysis of the Judiciary of India and South Africa

Aarnav Deshpande, Is The Idea Of A Sovereign As The Source Of Law Useful In A Representative Democracy?

Edward Emmanuel, The Land Holding System And The Development Of Mortgage Industry In Tanzania; An Evaluation Of The Law And Practice

Jaspreet Kaur Chhabra, Human Trafficking Vs. Human Rights: Role of Law, Media, Society and Culture

Nkafor Germaine Fusih, Regulating The Liability Of Air Carriers And Compensation Rules For Damage Caused To Passengers, Baggage And Cargo In Cameroon: An Appraisal Of Decree N° 2009/0052/Pm Of 22Nd January 2009

Artur Gorshkov, Copyright Law in the Music Business

Ramana Dilip Deshmukh & Dhwani Jayesh Doshi, Critical Insight Into The Amended Motor Vehicles Act Parental Liability V Juvenile Delinquency

Abiodun Ashiru, Criminalisation of Cybersquatting in Nigeria, England and the United States: An Unusual Coexistence of Criminal Law and Intellectual Property Right

Masah Tise Vigiline, The Realisation of the Right to Privacy in the Cameroon Electronic Communication Sector

Vaibhav Pahadia & Varun Pahadia, All About Gambling and Should It be Legalized

Zhaoxia Deng, Legislative Trend of the Tort Liability of Online Content Sharing Service Providers in EU and US

Rahul Mehta, Piercing the Corporate Veil

Anshika Vats, Animal Rights- Compassion For Living Creatures

Mehu Mohan & Archismaan Tyagi, Writs under the Constitution of India

Rajnandinee Saxena, Tanvi Chopra & Sinduja Shukla, Legal Review of the Movie: Miracle In Cell No. 7

Nyongkaa Kaspa, Environmental Strategies For Fight Against The Covid-19 Pandemic In Cameroon: A Legal Approach

Kailash Srinivasan, Tortious Liability With Regards To Accidents Caused By Poor Road Conditions

Parvathy Pradeep, Comparative Study On The Notion Of Classical Secularism And Indian Secularism

Tanvi Menon, Tax Planning For Non – Residential Indians

Nana Charles Nguindip, Kagou Kenna Patrice Hurbert & Adikibe-Nana Georges Andreas, Rethinking The Place Of International Humanitarian Law And Human Right Law In The Protection Of Displaced Children During Humanitarian Crisis: What Necessity For The Right To Family Reunification?

Raj Pampattiwar, Debt Recovery Tribunal And Its Amendments

Saaz Pai, Money Laundering In India

Dr Shiv Raman, OTT Committed Self Regulation In India : Exceeding The Limits Of Speech And Expression In The Name Of Creative Freedom

Rajas Jani, Comparative Analysis Of Amendment Procedure Of Constitution Of India And USA

Upasana Borah, Indian Legal System As An Source Of Women Empowerment

Habtamu Lanjore Bokoro, Evaluation Of The Institutional Frameworks Administering International Trade Remedies In Ethiopia: A Critical Appraisal

Etaba Abana Rémi, The Status Of The Minor In Ohada Commercial Companies