Payments of Publication Fee for International Authors

Completely Digital

The Publication Fee covers soft copy of publication certificate as well as the journal.

On-Demand Print Journal

Authors can obtain Hard Copy of the Journal by placing an order for the same with us. Hard Copies are charged extra.

Publish to Cloud Library

Post Publication in the journal, selected papers gets included in our Cloud Library which is accessed by 100K+ Visitors.

Discounted Membership

Post publication, publishing authors are offered a one-time discount to obtain membership.


Single Author


Co-Author by 2


Co-Author by 3


Co-Author by 4


Co-Author by 5



Direct Payment Modes

Direct Bank Transfer

Account Holder Name – Libertatem Media Private Limited
Account Type – Current Account
Bank Name – Bank of Baroda
Account Number – 27370200001181
Branch – Satellite Road Branch, Ahmedabad
IFSC Code – BARB0SATAHM [After BARB it is 0 in number not the alphabet O]
MICR Code – 38012054
SOL ID – 2737

Western union

Receiver’s Name – Ankita Ranawat
Receiver’s City – Ahmedabad, Gujarat


[Western Union Service is currently suspended due to covid pandemic. Please use other payment modes mentioned on this page or contact our team via WhatsApp or Email]

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